Crochet Patterns by Oregon Makers.

Oregon Crochet Design Feature

I’ve spent the last few months getting to know local makers in my neighborhood, city, and state. In January of 2018, I started my first local sip and stitch, and I have to say , there is nothing more fulfilling than genuine connections.Β  The organic connection that is made when you meet someone in real life and share a common journey with is food for the soul.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed to have seasonal changes that lend themselves to making and designing crochet patterns that are well suited for cold weather and outdoor adventures. Just looking at the earthy backdrops from these Oregon designers makes me want to get outside and enjoy all the wonderful things out state has to offer…while wearing my crochet, of course!

I’ve gathered a rollup of some of my favorite patterns from makers both whom I have met and others who I have connected with online. I hope you enjoy their creativity and sense of adventure as much as I do.

Artisan: Fiber Vibes

Pattern: Hound Hoodie


The Hound Hoodie by Fiber Vibes

Artisan: StitchNHookCreations

Pattern: The Lady Jackson Beanie


The Lady Jackson Beanie by StitchNHookCreations

Artisan: Briminni

Pattern: Crisscross Crochet Neck Warmer

Version 2

The Crisscross Crochet Neck Warmer by Briminnie

Artisan: HookedOnYouByAshley

Pattern: The Stargazer Bun Hat and Beanie


The Stargazer Bun Hat and Beanie by HookedOnYouByAshley


Artisan: Fibre and Fabrics

Pattern: Fancy Knit Rib Stitch Hand Towel


The Fancy Knit Rib Stitch Hand Towel by Fibre and Fabrics


I hope you find enjoyment in checking out these incredibly talented designers and their patterns.

Until next time,


Oregon DesignerFeature


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