Everyday Chunky Beanie

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Sometimes I just want a quick make that is functional and pleasing to the eye. I whipped up this beauty in less than an hour and I have to say, I’m pretty happy with the result!

As always, you can grab the ad free version at a discounted price . Or view the pattern in the post below!

Everyday Pin


The Everyday Chunky Beanie


• L (8 mm) crochet hook
• 90 yards Super Bulky Yarn- Sample made in Lionbrand HometownUSA
• Yarn needle
• Measuring Tape


ch: chain
dc: double crochet
dc-blo: double crochet back loop only
hdc: half double crochet
hdc-blo: half double crochet back loop only
sl st: slip stitch
st(s): stitch(es)
(#): Stitch counts at end of row

Skill level:



Adult. Approx. 20-23 inch head circumference.


4-inch by 4-inch swatch is 11 sts x 8 rows of sc


Chain at beginning of each row does not count as a st.
Size of hat can be easily adjusted by adding or subtracting rows to the brim and hat body.
For any questions please email me at crochetbyellen@gmail.com. I’m happy to help!



Foundation: Ch 9
Row 1: Hdc in 2nd ch from hook an in each across. (8)
Row 2-28 : Ch 1, turn. Hdc-blo in each st across. (8)
Fold brim in half and seam together with sl st.

Hat Body

Round 1: Ch 1, sc 42 evenly around edge of brim. Join to first st with sl st. (42)
Round 2: Ch 2, dc in each st around. Join to first st with sl st. (42)
Round 2-7: Ch 2, dc-blo in each st around. Join to first st with sl st. (42)

Closing the top of your hat

Finish off yarn and leave a long tail. Using yarn needle, weave tail through every other st in round 7. Cinch top closed. Weave several times through center to secure.


***Please do not edit or alter this pattern in any way. Do not share or sell this pattern. You may sell items using this pattern but please, credit my shop by using any of my above links for Facebook or Etsy, or by using my Instagram handle, @crochet.by.ellen Tag me in your photos and use #everydaychunkybeanie for a chance to have your work featured. Thank You!

Planning to make this design?

Comment with your favorite bulky yarn below!

Until next time,


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